Eat fruits and vegetables in season

Cherries, fruits can be ad to your diet

Benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetables Season

Each season offers an array of beautiful fresh produce. The many benefits of eating seasonally

The taste is better : when fruits and vegetables are picked for consumption that have been naturally ripened on the vine or the tree and harvested at the right time, it will have much more flavour and nutrition.

It’s cheaper, when farmers are harvesting a large abundance of produce due to the crop being in season, the cost of the produce will go down.

They are fresher with a higher nutritional value, some ant-oxidants such as vitamin C, folate and carotenes

Avoids Overseas Contaminates : when fruits and vegetables are sourced overseas, you can’t be sure what their regulation for pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are. Overseas agriculture may not regulate soil contamination tests to ensure land and soil quality.

They support your body’s Natural Nutritional needs. In winter, we are provided by nature all things citrus, these are particularly high in vitamin C. Winter vegetables offer comfort and are perfect hot meals, healthy stews, soups, casserole and other warming meals. Summer foods such as stone fruits provide us with extra beta-carotenes and other carotenoids that help protect us against sun damage, they also, they also provide more sweetness, as well as salad vegetables for those tasty beautiful summer salads.

They are more Environmentally-Friendly. Supports more local produce and supports local farming in your area which means less transportation, less refrigeration, less hot houses, and less irradiation of produce.

The best breads are :

Whole wheat bread

Cereal bread

Corn bread

Quinoa bread

Rye bread

Bran bread

Buckwheat bread

Sourdough bread

Rice bread

Vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables






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